Friday, July 4, 2008

History of foreign currency

Dealings of the deposit of the foreign currency'The foreign Exchange Control Law' in April, 1998 in a word, it was born by the revision of the foreign currency exchange and Foreign Trade Law.
What is the revised content?

..the one of having enabled the exchange to be had dealings it... the liberalization of the bank of the foreign exchange business that is 'Monopoly' till then, and free everyone(It was permitted only to the authorized foreign exchange bank. )

And, dealings (FX) of the deposit of the foreign currency :.
The contract unit ..'10,000 dollars'.. is made a small sum so that an investor general as for dealings of a foreign exchange of the contract unit 'One million dollars' may also participate easily, and the mortgage do capital of it of about 100,000 yen (deposit) and financial products that can be done doing in an inter-bank market (interbank market). (The position of indeed one million dollar cannot be taken. ..(.. ..laughter..))

To be briefThe bank, the institutional investor, and the big enterprise are Monopoly.opened to private investor of 'Foreign currency exchange' ..epoch-making event it..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Income gain of Forex

The interest differential in Japan and the currency issue country is called a swap with the Forex swap in Forex (foreign exchange deposit dealings). When the foreign currency is bought when the interest rate of Japanese yen is lower than the interest rate in the currency issue country, the interest differential of the two countries is added as a swap point. It is the one to be brief like the return of interest. For instance, the interest rate of Japan enters and 4% that is the interest differential of the two countries enters as a swap point when the interest rate in the issue country of the bought foreign currency is one %5%.

The leverage effect that is the real pleasure of Forex (foreign exchange deposit dealings) influences this swap point. For instance, if the leverage is increased by a factor of ten when the interest differential of the two countries is 4% and the foreign currency is bought, the swap point becomes as much as 40% for entrusted guarantee money (deposit). However, it is time when enter the swap point sells the currency with a low interest rate, and bought the currency with a high interest rate.

When the currency with a high interest rate is sold oppositely, and the currency with a low interest rate is bought, the swap point will be paid. With the position from sales of the foreign currency, it is necessary to note it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is forex?

There is only a person who calls FX, and is a person who calls a foreign exchange dealings and the foreign exchange deposit dealings of it. Generally, FX and the foreign exchange deposit dealings will make it call on this site because becoming familiar is deep FX or the foreign exchange deposit dealings.

It can be bought and sold by borrowing the currency of various countries instead of entrusting "Deposit" to the handling trader (broker and broker) as a mortgage in FX (foreign exchange deposit dealings) though it is likely not to understand easily a little.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Forex trader

The first of all important one is Forex trader Era before it has dealings.
For dealings of Forex, two commissions are taken in most traders.
Eyes are one "Transaction fee. "As for one settlement, this is three sen (300 yen per 10,000 currency) and hangs. It becomes natural though the one "Transaction fee" is used as it is because of the flow of the stock trading, and the commission is taken doubly in reality in reality though spread must be substantially a commission.
The transaction fee chooses "Free of charge".

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Demon named Forex

It doesn't come to be able to win the market price at all though it ..FX.. becomes the first time. Oh dear if I do not have the talent, it gets depressed though it is not because not only FX but also the stock and futures are all easy.